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      Microprocessor removal and installation - ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52, M52e

      View fan baffle and processor installation movie
      View fan baffle and processor removal movie

      Attention: Do not open your computer or attempt any repair before reading the "Important safety information". You can also find this information in the Quick Reference guide that was included with your computer or in the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for the computer.

      Important: Leave your computer turned off for at least one hour before removing the microprocessor to allow the thermal interface between the microprocessor and the heat sink time to cool down.

      Important: When you receive a new microprocessor, you will also receive a new heat sink and vacuum pen. You must use the new heat sink with the new microprocessor. If you use the old heat sink with the new microprocessor, your computer might overheat causing intermittent problems.

      Important: Avoid handling the microprocessor with your hands, and avoid contact with the microprocessor contacts. Use the vacuum pen provided to remove and install the microprocessor. If you must touch the microprocessor, touch only the sides.

      Installing the microprocessor
      1. Remove the computer cover. See "Removing the computer cover" for additional information.
      2. To access the system board and microprocessor, lay the computer on its side.
      3. Remove the air baffle by squeezing the tabs 1 together and pulling it out of the chassis.
      Removing the air baffle
      1. Release and pivot lever 1 upward. Remove the heat sink 2 from the system board by carefully lifting it up and off the mounting bracket.
      Release the lever
      1. Release and pivot locking lever 2 securing the microprocessor 1, then pivot the microprocessor retainer 3 until it is open.
      Processor diagram
      1. Using the vacuum pen 1, remove the microprocessor from the system board socket by lifting it straight up and out of the socket.

        Important: Do not touch the gold contacts on the bottom of the microprocessor. If you must touch the microprocessor, touch only the sides.
      Use vacuum pen


      1. Notice of the orientation of the notches 1 on the microprocessor. This is important when reinstalling the microprocessor on the system board.
      Processor notches
      1. Do not drop anything onto the microprocessor socket while it is exposed. The socket pins must be kept as clean as possible.
      1. Make sure that the microprocessor retainer is fully open.
      2. Loosen the protective cover 3 that protects the gold contacts on the new microprocessor 2 but do not remove it. Use the vacuum pen 1 to pick up the microprocessor then completely remove the cover.

      Vacuum pen and processor

      Installing the microprocessor
      1. Position the microprocessor so that the notches on the microprocessor are aligned with the tabs in the microprocessor socket.
        Important: To avoid damaging the microprocessor contacts, do not tilt the microprocessor when installing it into the socket.
      2. Using the vacuum pen 1, lower the microprocessor straight down into the microprocessor socket.

      Lowering processor using vacuum pen

      Note: Install the black protective cover that was removed from the new microprocessor onto the defective microprocessor after the installation is complete.

      1. Pivot the microprocessor retainer 3 to the closed position and pivot the locking lever 2 to secure the microprocessor 1. Make sure the locking lever is engaged with the retainer tab when securing the microprocessor.

      Processor diagram

      1. Align the beveled corners of the new heat sink and the mounting bracket. Then position the heat sink 2 on the heat sink mounting bracket. Lower the lever 1 to secure the heat sink.
        Installing the heat sink
      2. Reinstall the air baffle.
      3. Go to "Completing the installation" to assemble remaining components.
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