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      Locating rear connectors - ThinkCentre 2296, 8434

      Locating front connectorsLocating rear connectors

      Rear connectors for the 2296 and 8434 systems.

      1. Power connector
      2. Mouse connector
      3. Keyboard connector
      4. USB connectors
      5. Serial connector
      6. Parallel connector
      7. Monitor connector
      1. USB connectors
      2. Ethernet connector
      3. Microphone connector
      4. Audio line out connector
      5. Audio line in connector
      6. AGP slot (some models)
      7. Serial connector
      8. PCI slots (In some models, other devices, such as a modem, might be installed here.)

      Note: Some connectors on the rear of the computer are color-coded to help you to determine where to connect the cables on your computer.


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