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X40 LCD parts LCD bezel assemblyAntenna cable setBluetooth antenna cable setLCD rear cover assemblyLCD hinge/bracket setLCD cable assemblyLCD invertor cardLCD panel
Note: Field Replacement Unit (FRU)s that are identified in the CRU ID column by 1 or 2 are Customer Replaceable Units.
  • Each FRU is available for all types or model, unless specific types or models are specified.
  • A CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) is identified 1 or 2 in the CRU ID column. 1 means that the part is a Tier 1 CRU; 2 means that the part is a Tier 2 CRU. An N in the CRU ID column means that the part is not a CRU.
    • Tier 1 CRU
      • No tools required.
      • A coin or a thumb screw is acceptable.
      • Minimal technical expertise is required.
      • Minimal problem determination is required - less than 5 minutes.
    • Tier 2 CRU
      • Up to 4 screws or fasteners have to be removed.
      • Some technical experience required.
      • Support Center assistance may be used.
      • Problem determination can be done by customer, either on site or with Support Center assistance.
Service part number (FRU)
LCD bezel assembly
12.1-in. Worldwide (with spring, logo, and antenna cover)
All models13N5310N
2Antenna cable set
All models13N5328N
-LCD icon plate
with front BT x 1, front no BT x 1, rear BT x 1, and rear no BT x 1
All models13N5330N
3Bluetooth antenna cable set
All models13N5329N

LCD rear cover assembly
Worldwide (includes latch)

All models13N5308N
5LCD hinge/bracket kit
All models13N5311N
6LCD cable assembly
All models91P6830N
LCD cable assembly
All models91P6861N
7LCD invertor card
All models91P7375N
LCD invertor card
All models91P7377N
8LCD 12.1-in. XGA
All models92P6754N
LCD 12.1-in. XGA
ID Tech
All models92P6687N


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