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      ThinkPad External Battery Charger - Overview and Service Parts


      Features and specifications

      The ThinkPad External Battery Charger (40Y7625) offers:

      Two charging status indicators: Charging Indicator:
      • Identifies if the battery is charged:
        • Less than 5%
        • Between 5-20%
        • Between 20-80%
        • Greater than 80%
      • Full-Charge Indicator:
        • identifies if the battery is 100% charged

      Note: The ThinkPad External Battery Charger does not include a power adapter. Supports one of the following power adapters ( www.lenovo.com/support/poweradapters ):



      Physical specifications

      • ThinkPad External Battery Charger (40Y7625)
        • Approximate weight: 0.25 kg (0.55 lb)
        • Approximate height: 32 mm (1.3 in)
        • Approximate depth: 158 mm (6.2 in)
        • Approximate width: 90 mm (3.5 in)
      • ThinkPad External Battery Charger (40Y7625) packaged in a shipping carton:
        • Approximate weight: 0.48 kg (1.05 lb)
        • Approximate height: 50 mm (2.0 in)
        • Approximate depth: 170 mm (6.7 in)
        • Approximate width: 245 mm (9.6 in)


      Manuals  Version
       Release Date
      Warranty Information (2.9 MB) Nov 2014 1 Dec 2014



      1 year - Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

      • Announce date: 20 Sep 2005 (Worldwide)
      • Planned availability date: 20 Sep 2005 (Worldwide)
      • Effective withdrawal date: 16 Dec 2014


      Hardware compatibility: Batteries

      Please refer to the Accessories Compatibility Guide for the complete list of supported systems.

      A list of compatible batteries is at ThinkPad Extended Battery Charger - Supported Batteries


      Hardware compatibility: Power Adapters
      ThinkPad 65W AC Power Adapter 
      ThinkPad 90W AC Power Adapter 


      • ThinkPad External Battery Charger
      • Publications

      Note: The ThinkPad External Battery Charger does not include a power adapter. Supports one of the following power adapters  www.lenovo.com/support/poweradapters ):


      Agency approvals
      CE MARK, UL-60950-1, C-UL, C-Tick, VCCI
      Service Parts
      • Description: A description of the product.
      • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
      • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Service part number (FRU): The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      Description Geography Marketing part number Servive part number (FRU)
      ThinkPad External Battery Charger Worldwide 40Y7625 40Y7629


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