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      Audio connectors - NetVista / ThinkCentre

      Your computer comes with an audio controller that supports Sound Blaster applications and is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Sound System. The audio controller provides you with the ability to record and play sound and music and to enjoy sound with multimedia applications. You can connect stereo speakers to the Line-Out connector to enjoy better sound quality.

      Procedures for recording and playing back sound vary by operating system. Refer to your operating system documentation for information and instructions.

      The audio connectors in your computer are 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mini-jacks. A description of the connectors follows. Your computer might not have all connectors that are shown.

      What does the port look like?
      What is the connector used for?
      Line-Out (speaker)
      line out symbol
      line out color coding

      This jack is used to send audio signals from the computer to external devices, such as stereo-powered speakers with built-in amplifiers, multimedia keyboards, or the audio Line-In jack on a stereo system.

      NOTE: If your system has internal speakers, the internal speaker in your computer is disabled when an external speaker is connected to the headphone port on your computer.

      (some models only)
      headphone symbol
      headphone color coding
      This jack is used to attach headphones to your computer when you want to listen to music or other sounds without disturbing anyone. This connector might be located on the front of the computer.
      Audio Line-In
      line in symbol
      line in color coding
      This jack is used to accept audio signals from external devices, such as line output from a stereo or television system, or a musical instrument, into the computer sound system.
      microphone symbol
      microphone color coding

      This jack is used to connect a microphone to your computer when you want to record voice or other sounds on the hard disk. This port can also be used by speech-recognition software.

      NOTE: If you experience interference or speaker feedback while recording, try reducing the microphone recording volume (gain).

      Joystick / MIDI
      (some models only)
      joystick/midi symbol
      joystick / midi color coding

      This port is used to connect a joystick or gamepad for playing games or a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) device to interface with digital musical and sound production equipment.

      (some models only)
      s/pdif symbol
      s/pdif port
      This port enables you to connect consumer digital equipment such as digital audio tape (DAT) devices, CD drives, and other S/PDIF-compatible devices.

      Connecting your speakers
      If you have powered speakers with an ac adapter, use the following instructions:

      speaker connection diagram

      1. Connect the cable that runs between the speakers, if necessary. On some speakers, this cable is permanently attached.
      2. Connect the power supply cable to the speaker.
      3. Connect the speakers to the Line-Out jack on your computer.
      4. Connect the power supply to the ac power source.


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