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      PCI adapter removal and installation - ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52, M52e

      View PCI adapter card removal movie
      View PCI adapter card installation movie


      Attention: Do not open your computer or attempt any repair before reading the "Important safety information" in the Quick Reference that was included with your computer or in the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for the computer.

      1. Remove the computer cover. See "Cover removal and installation".
        Note: For this procedure, it helps to lay the computer on its side.
      2. At the rear of the computer, push the blue adapter latch 1 as indicated and pivot it to the open position.

        Press blue adapter latch

      3. Remove the adapter by pulling it straight out of the adapter connector.
      4. Install the new adapter into the same adapter connector. Ensure the adapter is fully seated into the adapter connector.
      5. At the rear of the computer, pivot the blue adapter latch 1 to the closed position to secure the adapters.

        Pivot blue adapter latch

      6. Go to "Completing the installation".
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