CPU thermal module removal and installation - ThinkPad SL300

For access, remove:

  1. Battery pack
  2. Thermal door
  3. Fan assembly

Removal steps of CPU thermal module

CPU thermal module

StepScrew (quantity)ColorTorque
[1] to [4]M2 × 3 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (4)Black0.167 Nm(1.7 kgfcm)

Attention: Do not handle the CPU thermal module roughly. Improper handling of the module can cause distortion or deformation and imperfect contact with components.

CPU thermal module

Installation of the CPU thermal module

When installing:

  • Before you attach the CPU thermal module to the computer, apply thermal grease, at an amount of 0.2 grams, on the part marked [a] as in the following figure. Either too much or too less application of grease can cause a thermal problem due to imperfect contact with a component.

CPU thermal module

  • Make sure that the fan connector is attached firmly.
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