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      Replacing the system board - ThinkCentre M90 (type 3245, 3491), M90p (type 3269)

      Do not open your computer or attempt any repair before reading and understanding the "Important safety information" in the ThinkCentre Safety and Warranty Guide that came with your computer. To obtain a copy of the ThinkCentre Safety and Warranty Guide, go to the Lenovo Support Website.

      This section provides instructions on how to replace the system board.

      The heat sink and microprocessor might be very hot. Turn off the computer and wait three to five minutes to let the computer cool before opening the computer cover.

      To replace the system board:

      1. Open the computer cover. See "Opening the computer cover".
      2. Pivot the drive bay assembly upward to gain access to the system board.
      3. Remove the hard disk drive. See "Replacing the hard disk drive".
      4. Remove all memory modules and PCI cards that are currently installed. See "Replacing a memory module" and "Replacing a PCI card".
      5. Carefully take note of the location of all cable connections on the system board and disconnect all the cables. See "Locating parts on the system board".
      6. Remove the heat sink and fan assembly from the failing system board. See "Replacing the heat sink".
      7. Carefully slide the system board so that it can be released from the four mounting studs that secure the system board in place.
      8. Lift the system board out of the chassis.
      9. Remove the microprocessor from the failing system board and install it on the new system board. See "Replacing the microprocessor".
      10. Install the new system board into the chassis by aligning the four mounting studs in the chassis with the corresponding holes on the new system board, and then carefully slide the new system board in to the chassis until it is secured in place by the four mounting studs.
      11. Install all memory modules and adapter cards removed from the failing system board on the new system board.
      12. Install the heat sink and fan assembly and connect the heat sink and fan assembly cable to the new system board. See "Replacing the heat sink".
      13. Reinstall the hard disk drive. See "Replacing the hard disk drive".
      14. Reconnect all remaining cables to the system board. See "Locating parts on the system board".
      15. Go to "Completing the parts replacement".

      The failing system board must be returned with a microprocessor socket cover to protect the pins during shipping and handling.

      To install the microprocessor socket cover, do the following:

      1. Release the lever securing the microprocessor retainer and open the retainer to access the microprocessor.
      2. Grasp the microprocessor on the sides and lift it straight up and out of the socket. Do not touch the contacts on the microprocessor socket.
      3. Note the orientation of the socket cover. Align the notches (1) of the microprocessor socket cover with the alignment keys (2) of the microprocessor socket.
      4. Install one side of the socket cover into the microprocessor socket as shown.

      Installing the socket cover

      Note: Your microprocessor socket and cover might look slightly different from the illustration.

      1. Carefully press the other side of the socket cover downwards until the socket cover snaps into place.

      Securing the socket cover

      1. Carefully check the four corners of the socket cover to make sure that the cover is secured in the microprocessor socket.
      2. Lower the microprocessor retainer and then lower the lever to secure the retainer. Make sure the lever is locked into position.
      3. Follow any additional instructions included with the replacement part you received.

      Note: If your system board has two microprocessor sockets, be sure to install a socket cover for each microprocessor socket.

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