Keyboard removal and installation - ThinkPad X300

Removing the keyboard

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

  1. Remove battery.
  2. If a travel cover is installed on the computer you are servicing, you need to remove it before removing the screw that secures the keyboard. In models with the travel cover, screw (1a) should have been removed when you removed the travel cover.


StepScrew (quantity)ColorTorque
1M2 × 6 mm, bind-head, nylon-coated (1)Black0.167 Nm(1.7 kgfcm)
1aM2 × 6 mm, bind-head, nylon-coated (1)Black0.167 Nm(1.7 kgfcm)


  1. Lift the keyboard a little in the direction shown by arrow (4), and then detach the connector (5).


Installing the keyboard

When installing the keyboard, do as follows:

  1. Attach the keyboard connector.


  1. Attach the keyboard so that the keyboard edges (a) are under the frame as shown in this figure.


  1. To make sure that the front side of the keyboard is housed firmly, gently press the keys with your thumbs and try to slide the keyboard toward you.


  1. Secure the keyboard by tightening the screws from the bottom side of the computer
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