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Keyboard service parts - ThinkPad Edge E520, E525

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Keyboard service parts
Note: Each Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) applies to all types and models, unless specific types or model numbers are listed with the FRU.
  • FRUs that have a * or ** in the CRU column are Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs).
    • * identifies parts that are fairly simple to replace, requiring few or no tools.
    • ** identifies parts that are slightly more difficult to replace.
    • N identifies parts that are not to be replaced by the customer.
LanguageFRU no.CRU ID
Arabic 04W0877 04W0841 **
Belgian 04W0878 04W0842
Brazilian Portuguese 04W0876 04W0840
Bulgarian 04W0879 04W0843
Canadian French (058) 04W0874 04W0838
Canadian French (Acnor) 04W0873 04W0837
Czech 04W0880 04W0844
Danish 04W0881 04W0845
Dutch 04W0891 04W0855
Finnish, Swedish 04W0898 04W0862
French 04W0883 04W0847
German 04W0884 04W0848
Greek (U.S. English and Greek layout) 04W0885 04W0849
Hebrew 04W0886 04W0850
Hungarian 04W0887 04W0851
Icelandic 04W0888 04W0852
Italian 04W0889 04W0853
Japanese 04W0903 04W0867
Kazakhstan 04W0890 04W0854
Korean 04W0904 04W0868
Latin American Spanish 04W0875 04W0839
Norwegian 04W0892 04W0856
Polish 04W0893 04W0857
Portuguese 04W0894 04W0858
Russian 04W0895 04W0859
Slovak 04W0896 04W0860
Slovenian 04W0897 04W0861
Spanish 04W0882 04W0846
Swiss 04W0899 04W0863
Thai 04W0906 04W0870
Traditional Chinese 04W0905 04W0869
Turkish 04W0900 04W0864
Turkish-F 04W0907 04W0871
U.K. English 04W0901 04W0865
U.S. English 04W0872 04W0836
U.S. English (International, with a Euro symbol) 04W0902 04W0866
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