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      Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Service parts

      • Description: A description of the product.
      • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
      • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Field replacement unit (FRU) part number: The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.


      Description Language Marketing part number Original FRU PN  V01 & V02 New FRU PNs w/Rev: V03
      Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Arabic (253) 0A34033 03X8202 03X6163
        Arabic / French (462) 0A34034 03X8203 03X6164
      Belgian / French 0A34035 03X8204 03X6165
      Belgian / U.K. English 0A34036 03X8205 03X6166
      Bulgarian 0A34038 03X8207 03X6168
      Brazilian Portuguese 0A34037 03X8206 03X6167
      Chinese /U.S. English / Traditional Chinese 0A34039 03X8208 03X6169
      Czech 0A34040 03X8209 03X6170
      Danish 0A34041 03X8210 03X6171
      Dutch 0A34042 03X8211 03X6172
      French 0A34043 03X8212 03X6173
      French Canadian (445) 0A34044 03X8213 03X6174
      French Canadian (058) 0A34045 03X8214 03X6175
      German 0A34046 03X8215 03X6176
      Greek (319) 0A34047 03X8216 03X6177
      Greek / U.S. English (459) 0A34048 03X8217 03X6178
      Hebrew 0A34049 03X8218 03X6179
      Hungarian 0A34050 03X8219 03X6180
      Icelandic 0A34051 03X8220 03X6181
      Italian 0A34052 03X8221 03X6182
      Japanese 0A34053 03X8222 03X6183
      Korean 0A34054 03X8223 03X6184
      Latin America Spanish (171) 0A34055 03X8224 03X6185
      Norwegian 0A34056 03X8225 03X6186
      Polish 0A34057 03X8226 03X6187
      Portuguese 0A34058 03X8227 03X6188
      Russian /Cyrillic (441) 0A34059 03X8228 03X6189
      Slovak 0A34060 03X8229 03X6190
      Slovenian 0A34068 03X8237 03X6198
      Spanish (172) 0A34061 03X8230 03X6191
      Swedish/Finnish 0A34062 03X8231 03X6192
      Swiss French/German 0A34063 03X8232 03X6193
      Thai 0A34064 03X8233 03X6194
      Turkish (179) 0A34065 03X8234 03X6195
      U.K. English 0A34066 03X8235 03X6196
      U.S. English 0A34032 03X8201 03X6162
      U.S. with Euro symbol 0A34067 03X8236 03X6197
      Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (Argentina Only) Latin America Spanish (171) 0A34069 03X8224 03X6185
      - Without battery
      Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (Brazil Only) Brazilian Portuguese 0A34070 03X8206 03X6167
      - Without battery


      • The Marketing Part Number includes a keyboard and a mouse.
      • The mouse does not have a separate Replacement Part Number (FRU).
      • The keyboard Replacement Part Number (FRU) includes a mouse.
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