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      500GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive - Overview

      Hard drive

      Features and specifications

      The 500GB Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (43R1990) includes upgrade features selected from the highest-quality hard drives available. Features include:

      • 500GB formatted capacity
      • 8 MB adaptive buffer
      • 4.16 ms average latency
      • Less than 8.5 ms typical average read seek time
      • S-ATA interface capability enabling up to 300 MB/s instantaneous interface data transfers
      • S.M.A.R.T. included
      • Slim, one-inch-high profile
      • Formatted capacity bytes: 500GB
      • Rotational speed: 7,200 rpm
      • Average latency: 4.16 ms (nominal)
      • Typical average read seek time: 8.5 ms
      • Data buffer (adaptive segmented): 8 MB
      • Interface performance:
        • Burst transfer rate (maximum): 300 MB/s
      • Add multiple ThinkStation hard drives to help improve system performance and reliability in a ThinkStation RAID Configuration

      Note: Up to 384 KB reserved for drive firmware



      3 years - customer replaceable (CRU)

      • Announce date: 6 Nov 2007 (Worldwide)
      • Planned availability date: 9 Nov 2007 (Worldwide)


      Hardware compatibility
      Machine - Models
      Lenovo 3000 J100, J105, J110, J115
      Lenovo 3000 J200, J200p, J205
      Lenovo 3000 S200, S200p, S205
      ThinkCentre A55, A57, A58, A60, A61, A61e, A62, A63, A70, A70z, A85
      ThinkCentre M52, M55, M55e, M55p, M57, M57e, M57p, M58, M58e, M58p, M70e, M70z, M75e, M80, M81, M90, M90p, M90z, M91, M91p
      ThinkStation S10*, D10*
      ThinkStation E20, E30
      ThinkStation C20, C20x
      ThinkStation S20, D20


      • ThinkStation S10, D10: Mixing of Serial ATA and SAS Hard Drives is not recommended. Most S-Series models are configured with Serial ATA Hard Drives, and most D-Series models are configured with SAS Hard Drives.
      • For the latest updates on the compatible systems, please refer to the Accessories Compatibility Guide.
      • 500GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive
      • Cable
      • User's Guide
      • Warranty supplement


      Agency approvals
      UL, CSA, TUV, IEC, C-Tick, CE Mark, BSMI


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