System board and fan assembly removal and installation - ThinkPad Edge 13

Important notices for handling the system board:

When handling the system board, bear the following in mind.

  • The system board has an accelerometer, which can be broken by applying several thousands of G-forces.

    Note: Dropping a system board from a height of as little as 6 inches so that it falls flat on a hard bench can subject the accelerometer to as much as 6,000 G’s of shock.

  • Be careful not to drop the system board on a bench top that has a hard surface, such as metal, wood, or composite.
  • If a system board is dropped, you must test it, using PC-Doctor for DOS, to make sure that the HDD Active Protection still functions (see below).

    Note: If the test shows that HDD Active Protection is not functioning, be sure to document the drop in any reject report, and replace the system board.

  • Avoid rough handling of any kind.
  • At every point in the process, be sure not to drop or stack the system board.
  • If you put a system board down, be sure to put it only on a padded surface such as an ESD mat or conductive corrugated material.

After replacing the system board, run PC-Doctor for DOS to make sure that HDD Active Protection still functions. The procedure is as follows:

1. Place the computer on a horizontal surface.
2. Run Diagnostics --> ThinkPad Devices --> HDD Active Protection Test.

Attention: Do not apply physical shock to the computer while the test is running.

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

Following components soldered on the top side of the system board are extremely sensitive. When you service the system board, avoid any kind of rough handling.

For CULV (Customer Ultra-Low Voltage) models:
(a) Accelerometer chip for the HDD Active Protection System ™
(b) CPU
(c) GMCH (Graphics Memory Controller Hub)
(d) ICH (I/O Controller Hub)


For AMD models:
(a) CPU
(b) North Bridge
(c) South Bridge
(d) Accelerometer chip for the HDD Active Protection System ™



StepScrew (quantity)ColorTorque
1M2 × 3 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (3)Black0.181 Nm (1.85 kgfcm)

Note: Loosen the screws [2], but do not remove them.


When installing: Make sure that the connectors are attached firmly.


When installing: Attach the system board so that the battery pins of the system board are attached firmly to the guide hole of the base cover as shown in [a] in this figure.

Make sure that the connectors are attached firmly.

Note: Loosen the screws [9], but do not remove them.


When installing:

  • Before you attach the fan assembly to the computer, apply thermal grease, at an amount of 0.2 grams, on the part marked [a] as in the following figure. Either too much or too less application of grease can cause a thermal problem due to imperfect contact with a component. You need to peel the thin film off from the rubbers [b].

For MT0196 and MT0492:


For MT0197:


  • Make sure that the fan connector is attached firmly.
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