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DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part numbers (FRU)
ThinkPad Battery 41++(9 cell) - Previously named as: ThinkPad T/R/W/Z/SL Series 9 Cell Battery, and ThinkPad R60, T60, Z60, and Z61 Series 9 Cell Battery40Y6797 (U.S. Retail Packaged version is 41N5666, Europe Retail Packaged version is 45J7966)92P1131


  • This battery is also available in a retail packaged versions for United States and Europe. The retail packaged version is designed for showcasing in a retail setting:
    • United States: The retail packaged version has the following languages: English. The option marketing part number is 41N5666
    • Europe: The retail packaged version has the following languages: English, Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian, German, Greek, Czech and French. The option marketing part number is 45J7966


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