DC-in cable and base cover assembly Removal and Installation - ThinkPad Edge E10,Edge 11

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

Note: Applying labels to the base cover:

The new base cover FRU is shipped with a kit containing labels of several kinds. When you replace the base cover, you need to apply the following labels:

[2] SIM information label under door

[3] Information label under door

[5] Certified label under battery

Following labels need to be peeled off from the old base cover, and need to be put on the new base cover.

[1] Windows license label (COA) (only for Windows 7 models)

[4] Ethernet label

For some models, you also need to apply one or two FCC labels. Check the old base cover; if it has one or two FCC labels, find duplicates of them in the label kit and apply them to the new base cover.

For the location of each label, refer the following figure:

Base cover


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