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      ThinkPad X6 UltraBase - Overview and Service Parts

      ThinkPad X6 Ultrabase

      Features and specifications

      The ThinkPad X6 UltraBase (40Y8116) snaps easily onto your ThinkPad X60 Series system for portable expansion. It offers:

      • An Ultrabay Slim for device expansion:
      • Ultrabay Enhanced for device expansion - Supports the following bay options:
      • Standard communication and device ports, including Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45), modem (RJ-11), four USB 2.0, serial and parallel
      • Audio/video capabilities including VGA for external monitor, microphone in, headphone out, and integrated stereo speakers
      • Integrated key lock and cable lock slot physically secures the ThinkPad system and ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
        • The cable lock and key lock operate seperately
        • The cable lock secures the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase to the workspace (desk, table, pole, furniture, wall)
        • The separate key lock, on the side of the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase, secures the ThinkPad to the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
          • To remove the ThinkPad, from the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase, the user turns the seperate key. The user does not need to remove the cable lock from the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
          • Includes two security keys
      • System power-on button and easy ejection lever
      • Power passthrough to fuel your system and recharge the battery
      • Supports the ThinkPad Advanced Ultrabay Battery for up to 11 hours of mobile computing when used in combination with the high-capacity system battery on select models
      • PC99/PC2001 Compliant (Audio)
      • Supports Ultrabay Slim Plus (9.5mm bay)
      • Stereo speakers
      • Supports bay battery

      * Requires Hard Disk Drive (HDD) installation kit


      Manuals  Version
       Release Date
      Setup poster (202 KB)

      User Guide (6.3 MB)



      3 year Limited – customer carry-in exchange

      • Availability: January 2006
      • Discontinued, withdrawn from marketing: December 2009


      Hardware compatibility
      Description Macine Type - Models
      ThinkPad X60, X60s


      • ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
      • Setup Poster
      • Two security keys


      Agency approvals


      Service Parts
      • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
      • Marketing part number: The part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Manufacturing Assembly (ASM): The manufacturingservice part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      • Replacement part number (FRU): The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      Description Geography Marketing part number Manufacturing Assembly (ASM) part number Replacement part number (FRU)
      X6 Ultrabase Worldwide 40Y8116
      (Discontinued, withdrawn from marketing - April 2009)
      40Y8117, 42W4635, 42W3014, 42W3014 40Y8120, 42W3015, 42W3108, 42W4634


      Additional product information
      Personal Systems Reference (PSREF) - Comprehensive information on the features and technical specifications of Lenovo products.


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