Bottom door Removal and Installation - ThinkPad Edge E10, Edge 11

For access, remove this FRU:

Note: Loosen the screws [1], but do not remove them.

Loosen the screws

Note: Applying labels to the bottom door

The new bottom door FRU is shipped with a kit containing label. When you replace the bottom door, you need to apply the following labels:

[1] Serial number blank label 79x16

[2] FCC label

[3] Homologation label

[4] Information label under battery

Following labels need to be peeled off from the old bottom door, and need to be put on the new bottom door.

[5] Windows license label (COA) (only for Windows XP models)

[6] Wireless WAN label

[7] China wireless LAN label

[8] SIM ICCID label

[9] Brazil ANATEL wireless WAN label

[10] Brazil ANATEL label for b/g/n

[11] Brazil ANATEL Bluetooth label

[12] Brazil ANATEL Label (AMoM)

[13] SIRM label (by SKU)

[14] China wireless WAN label

[15] Israel label

For the location of each label, refer the following figure:

Bottom door

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