Fan assembly removal and installation - ThinkPad Edge 14 and 15

For access, remove this FRU in order:


  • Do not handle the fan roughly. Improper handling of the fan can cause distortion or deformation and imperfect contact with components.
  • Do not touch or apply any excessive force to the fan motor. It might cause damage to the fan assembly or the computer to mulfunction.

Removal steps of fan assembly

When installing:
Make sure that the fan connector is attached firmly to the system board.

Note: Loosen the screws [2a] to [2f] in order, but do not remove them. When you attach the fan, secure the screws in order.

For ThinkPad Edge 15" and E50:

For ThinkPad Edge 14" and E40:

Step [3] is only for ThinkPad Edge 15". For ThinkPad Edge 14", skip step [3].

StepScrew (quantity)ColorTorque
3M2 × 4 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (1)Silver0.181 Nm (1.85 kgfcm)

When installing: Before you attach the fan assembly to the computer, apply thermal grease, at an amount of 0.2 grams, on the parts marked [a] as in the following figures. Either too much or too less application of grease can cause a thermal problem due to imperfect contact with a component. For the new CPU thermal device/fan, you need to peel the thin film off from the rubbers marked [b].

For discrete fan assembly
Discrete fan assembly

For integrated fan assembly
Integrated fan assembly
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