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      Withdrawal of Lenovo's Online Backup Client Edition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Withdrawal of Lenovo's Online Backup Client Edition


      1. What is happening to Online Backup Client Edition?
      2. Why is Lenovo doing this?
      3. Who does this apply to?
      4. What does this mean?
      5. How will my data be securely deleted?

      What is happening to Online Backup Client Edition?
      Lenovo, in conjunction with our Online Data Backup (OLDB) partner EMC, has made the strategic decision to discontinue Lenovo's OLDB Client Edition (CE) service. With this decision, both Lenovo's OLDB CE for PC and Server Editions will be retired from our service portfolio. ThinkPlus Secure Business will also be discontinued.

      Why is Lenovo doing this?
      As Lenovo withdraws from the individual and small business OLDB CE market, our belief is that existing customers will be best served by directly engaging EMC and their Mozy brand of backup service. EMC is the secure backup platform currently used by Lenovo for the OLDB CE service. Lenovo partnered with EMC because of their industry leadership in secure data storage and encryption services.

      Who does this apply to?
      All individual users who currently have a Lenovo PC, Workstation or Server Online Backup license, whether they purchased this as an individual service or in conjunction with the Secure Business bundle.

      What does this mean?
      All current contracts, including ThinkPlus Secure Business Customers, will be honored through the existing expiration date. Once those contracts expire, customers will not have an opportunity to renew their contract. Lenovo recommends transitioning to EMC's Mozy Home offering, which has the same functionality, military grade security and encryption at a comparable price. Mozy Home currently provides online data backup services for over one million customers and 50,000 business customers, backing up more than 25 petabytes of information to multiple data centers around the globe.

      When you decide on a new service provider, simply restore all of your currently backed up files to your PC or other storage device. You can then uninstall the Lenovo OLDB CE License. All client data will remain secure, allowing the ability to access, backup, and restore data until contract expiration. All data will be securely deleted upon completion of the existing contract. Customers will be responsible for restoring or transferring their own data to their PC, hard storage device, or new service provider. Lenovo will not be held responsible for any data loss should the customer not take the necessary steps to back up their data prior to service termination.

      How will my data be securely deleted?
      When an account is deleted from the Lenovo OLB Admin Console, there is a two step process that occurs to remove data from the storage servers in our data centers.

      1. When the account is deleted, we immediately delete a file for each machine in the account called the manifest. That is in essence a list of all the files for a machine and where the files for that machine are stored in the data center. Since each file is broken up and stored in 12 separate pieces, once the manifest is deleted our system no longer has the ability to reassemble the parts into the original file.
      2. After the manifest is deleted, the system has a continually running process that looks at files fragments across the data center. If it finds a file fragment that is no longer associated with a manifest, then that fragment is deleted from the storage server so that the space can be re-used for future backups from our customers.
      Check your warranty Click here to Mozy (Online Backup Service)

      How does MozyHome compare to Lenovo Online Backup?

      Lenovo Online Data Backup vs Mozy Home Feature Comparison
      Mozy Home
      Private Encryption Key
      Unlimited storage
      Versions available for 30 days
      AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 56-bit key before it leaves your computer
      Transferred to the servers using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption



      Bandwidth throttling
      Open & locked file support
      Automatic and scheduled backups


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