ThinkPad 65W Ultraportable AC adapter - Service parts

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ThinkPad 65W Ultraportable AC adapter

CountryFRU part numberPower Cord FRU part numberMarketing Part number
US, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela42T5282 / 42T4419 / 42T442342T5008 / 42T509340Y7696
Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay42T5105 / 42T502040Y7697
Brazil42T5183 / 42T518040Y7698

Austria, Belguim, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, Vietnam

42T5283 / 42T4417 / 42T442142T5114 / 42T502940Y7700
Denmark42T5126 / 42T504140Y7701
South Africa, Bangledesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan42T5141 / 42T505640Y7702
UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia42T5120 / 42T503540Y7704
Switzerland42T5129 / 42T500440Y7705
Italy42T5132 / 42T504740Y7706
Israel42T5147 / 42T506240Y7707
Japan42T5282 / 42T4419 / 42T442342T5099 / 42T501440Y7699
India42T5283 / 42T4417 / 42T442142T5168 / 42T508340Y7703
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua, New Guinea42T5135 / 42T505040Y7708
Korea42T5162 / 42T507740Y7709
China42T5150 / 42T506540Y7710
Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Guam42T5156 / 42T507140Y7711

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