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Note: A set of recovery CDs/ DVDs can be created in the Rescue and Recovery predesktop area. A CD-RW drive or multi-burner drive and writable media are required.

How can I get a Product Recovery CD?
Recovery CDs for Windows XP Home
Recovery CDs for Windows XP Professional
Recovery media for Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit)
Recovery media for Windows Vista Business (32-bit)

Windows XP Home Recovery CD
Part number
English 42Y5058
French 42Y3598
German 42Y3599
Italian 42Y3601
Brazilian Portuguese 42Y3602
Spanish 42Y3600
Danish 42Y3604
Dutch 42Y3804
Arabic Enabled 42Y3808
Swedish 42Y3603
Hebrew 42Y3805
Finnish 42Y3802
Norwegian 42Y3803
Polish 42Y3806
Portuguese 42Y3812
Russian 42Y3809
Russian - English 42Y3801
Hungarian 42Y3811
Czech 42Y3807
Turkish 42Y3810
Greek 42Y3813
Japanese 41W7796
Simplified Chinese 41W7778
Traditional Chinese - Taiwan 41W7784
Traditional Chinese - Hong Kong 41W7790
Korean 41W7773

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Windows XP Professional Recovery CD
Part number
English 42Y3549
French 42Y3550
German 42Y3551
Italian 42Y3553
Brazilian Portuguese 42Y3554
Spanish 42Y3552
Danish 42Y3556
Dutch 42Y3720
Arabic Enabled 42Y3724
Swedish 42Y3555
Hebrew 42Y3721
Finnish 42Y3718
Norwegian 42Y3719
Polish 42Y3722
Portuguese 42Y3728
Russian 42Y3725
Russian - English 42Y3717
Hungarian 42Y3727
Czech 42Y3723
Turkish 42Y3726
Greek 42Y3729
Slovakian 42Y3730
Japanese 41W7767
Simplified Chinese 41W7751
Traditional Chinese - Taiwan 41W7757
Traditional Chinese - Hong Kong 41W7762
Korean 41W7746
Multilingual Recovery CD 1
English, Dutch, French, German, Italian
Multilingual Recovery CD 2
English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

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Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit) Recovery media
Part number
English 87H4420
French 87H4421
German 87H4422
Spanish 87H4423
Portuguese - Brazil 87H4424
Italian 87H4425
Japanese 87H4426
Norwegian 87H4427
Swedish 87H4428
Danish 87H4429
Dutch 87H4430
Czech 87H4431
Finnish 87H4432
Polish 87H4433
Russian 87H4434
Turkish 87H4435
Hungarian 87H4436
Greek 87H4437
Portuguese 87H4438
Chinese - Simplified 87H4439
Chinese - Traditional (Taiwan) 87H4440
Chinese - Traditional (Hong Kong) 87H4441
Korean 87H4442
Slovenian 87H4443
English - Russia 43C1306

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Windows Vista Business (32-bit) Recovery media
Part number
English 87H4476
French 87H4477
German 87H4478
Spanish 87H4479
Portuguese - Brazil 87H4480
Italian 87H4481
Japanese 87H4482
Norwegian 87H4483
Swedish 87H4484
Danish 87H4485
Dutch 87H4486
Czech 87H4487
Finnish 87H4488
Polish 87H4489
Russian 87H4490
Turkish 87H4491
Hungarian 87H4492
Greek 87H4493
Portuguese 87H4494
Chinese - Simplified 87H4495
Chinese - Traditional (Taiwan) 87H4496
Chinese - Traditional (Hong Kong) 87H4497
Korean 87H4498
Slovenian 87H4499
English - Russia 43C1308
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