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      LCD panel removal and installation - ThinkPad T400s, T410s, T410si

      LCD panel removal

      For access, remove these FRUs in order:

      Important notice on handling the LCD panel:
      The LCD panel and the peripheral parts used in this product are very sensitive. Improper handling of the LCD panel can cause damage to the parts, and may cause a system malfunction such as a missing dot, missing line, or pixel problems.

      • DO NOT apply any kind of pressure to the LCD panel.
      • When you lift the LCD panel, always hold the left and right edges of the panel with both of your hands. DO NOT hold the panel with one hand or hold the top and bottom edges of the panel.
      • DO NOT touch or apply any kind of pressure to the print circuit board or sensitive parts as shown in the figure [a].

      Location of LCD print circuit board


      LCD panel removal step 1.

      Attention: Unplug the LCD cable with holding the left and right edges of the connector with your fingers, and gently pull the connector toward you. DO NOT unplug it with pulling the cable. Applying tension could cause the cable to be damaged or a wire to be broken.


      LCD panel installation

      When installing:

      • Place the LCD panel on a soft and clean sheet spread on a flat table, and plug the cable by pushing the left and right edges of the connector little by little with your fingers.
      • DO NOT work by lifting the LCD panel.
      • DO NOT plug the cable with one hand.

      LCD panel installation step 2.

      When installing: When attaching the LCD panel to the cover, press the left and right edges covered with metal gently with your fingers. DO NOT press the surface of the panel or apply any excessive force to the panel.

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