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      Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Keyboard - Service parts

      • Description: A description of the product.
      • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
      • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Field replacement unit (FRU) part number: The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      DescriptionGeographyMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
      Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Keyboard U.S. English 73P5220 89P8530
      Arabic 73P5221 89P8531
      Arabic/French 73P5237 89P8548
      Belgium/French 73P5222 89P8532
      Belgium/UK 73P5223 73P5223
      Brazil/Portuguese 73P5258 89P8534
      Bulgarian 73P5224 89P8535
      Traditional Chinese 467 / U.S. English 73P5225 89P8536
      Czech 73P5226 89P8537
      Danish 73P5227 89P8538
      Dutch 73P5228 89P8539
      French 73P5229 89P8540
      French Canadian 58 73P5231 89P8542
      French Canadian 445 73P5230 89P8541
      German 73P5232 89P8543
      Greek 73P5233 89P8544
      Hebrew 73P5234 89P8545
      Hungarian 73P5235 89P8546
      Iceland 73P5236 89P8547
      Italian 73P5259 89P8549
      Japanese 73P5238 89P8550
      Korean 89P8536 89P8551
      Norwegian 73P5241 89P8553
      Polish 73P5242 89P8554
      Portuguese 73P5243 89P8555
      Romanian 096 73P5245 89P8556
      Romanian 446 73P5244 89P8557
      Russian/Cyrillic 73P5246 89P8558
      Serbian/Cyrilic 73P5247 89P8559
      Slovak 73P5248 89P8560
      Slovenian 73P5257 89P8561
      Spanish 73P5249 89P8562

      Latin American Spanish

      73P5240 89P8552
      Swedish/Finnish 73P5250 89P8563
      Swiss French/German 73P5251 89P8564
      Thailand 73P5252 89P8565
      Turkish 179 73P5254 89P8567
      Turkish 440 73P5253 89P8566
      U.K. English 73P5255 89P8568
      U.S. English with Euro symbol 73P5256 89P8569


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