Rack ThinkServers Intel Xeon Dual Core and Quad Core Processors - Overview

Features and specifications

Increase the processing power of your ThinkServer Dual-Socket systems with Intel Xeon processors to boost your system's performance for advanced applications, technical computing, multithread applications, virtualization, and multitasking.

Offering highlights:

  • Choice of 1 Intel Xeon processor with dual-core technology offering clock speed at 1.86 GHz*
  • Choice of 4 Intel Xeon processors with quad-core technology offering clock speeds from 2.00 GHz up to 2.53 GHz*
  • 1066 MHz Dual Core front side bus (FSB) and 1333 MHz Quad Core FSB

* When adding a second processor, the second processor must match the installed processor.

Physical specifications
  • Processor
    • Approximate height: 45.07 mm (1.77 in)
    • Approximate width: 42.57 mm (1.676 in)
    • Approximate depth: 4.851 mm (0.191 in)
    • Weight: 35 g (1.235 oz.)
  • Heat sink
    • Approximate height: 90 mm (3.543 in)
    • Approximate width: 93 mm (3.662 in)
    • Approximate depth: 26.75 mm (1.953 in)
    • Weight: 192.25 g (6.782 oz.)


1 year – On-site service

  • Announce date: 05 May 2009 (Worldwide except Brazil, China and Taiwan)
  • Availability date: 15 May 2009 (Worldwide except Brazil, China and Taiwan)
  • Effective withdrawal date: 30 Dec 2011

Hardware compatibility
ProcessorDescriptionMachine TypeModels
Intel Xeon E5502 (67Y0004) ThinkServer RD210 3795 21x
3796 22x
ThinkServer RD220 3798 16x
Intel Xeon E5504 (67Y0007) ThinkServer RD210 3796 27x
ThinkServer RD220 3798 11x, 17x
Intel Xeon E5506 (67Y0005) ThinkServer RD210 3796 23x, 29x, 2Bx
ThinkServer RD220 3798 13x
Intel Xeon E5520 (67Y0006) ThinkServer RD210 3796 24x
ThinkServer RD220 3798 15x, 1Dx, 1Ex, 1Fx, 1Hx
Intel Xeon E5540 (67Y0096) ThinkServer RD210 3796 2Cx, 2Dx
ThinkServer RD220 3798 14x, 1Jx, 1Lx


When installing a second processor, the second processor must match the existing installed processor. The system may not start or function properly if they are not identical.

  • Processor
  • Heat Sink
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