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Note: Each Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) applies to all types and models, unless specific types or model numbers are listed with the FRU.
  • FRUs that have a * or ** in the CRU column are Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs).
    • * identifies parts that are fairly simple to replace, requiring few or no tools.
    • ** identifies parts that are slightly more difficult to replace.
    • N identifies parts that are not to be replaced by the customer.
Language FRU No CRU ID
Illuminated Keyboard
Arabic 60Y9674 60Y9602 60Y9820 60Y9748 N
Belgian 60Y9675 60Y9603 60Y9821 60Y9749
Brazilian Portuguese 60Y9673 60Y9601 60Y9819 60Y9747
Bulgarian 60Y9676 60Y9604 60Y9822 60Y9750
Canadian French (058) 60Y9671 60Y9599 60Y9817 60Y9745
Canadian French (Acnor) 60Y9670 60Y9598 60Y9816 60Y9744
Czech 60Y9677 60Y9605 60Y9823 60Y9751
Danish 60Y9678 60Y9606 60Y9824 60Y9752
Dutch 60Y9688 60Y9616 60Y9834 60Y9762
Finnish, Swedish 60Y9695 60Y9623 60Y9841 60Y9769
French 60Y9680 60Y9608 60Y9826 60Y9754
German 60Y9681 60Y9609 60Y9827 60Y9755
Greek (U.S. English and Greek layout) 60Y9682 60Y9610 60Y9828 60Y9756
Hebrew 60Y9683 60Y9611 60Y9829 60Y9757
Hungarian 60Y9684 60Y9612 60Y9830 60Y9758
Icelandic 60Y9685 60Y9613 60Y9831 60Y9759
Italian 60Y9686 60Y9614 60Y9832 60Y9760
Japanese 60Y9700 60Y9628 60Y9846 60Y9774
Kazakhstan 60Y9687 60Y9615 60Y9833 60Y9761
Korean 60Y9701 60Y9629 60Y9847 60Y9775
Latin American Spanish 60Y9672 60Y9600 60Y9818 60Y9746
Norwegian 60Y9689 60Y9617 60Y9835 60Y9763
Polish 60Y9690 60Y9618 60Y9836 60Y9764
Portuguese 60Y9691 60Y9619 60Y9837 60Y9765
Russian 60Y9692 60Y9620 60Y9838 60Y9766
Slovak 60Y9693 60Y9621 60Y9839 60Y9767
Slovenian 60Y9694 60Y9622 60Y9840 60Y9768
Spanish 60Y9679 60Y9607 60Y9825 60Y9753
Swiss 60Y9696 60Y9624 60Y9842 60Y9770
Thai 60Y9703 60Y9631 60Y9848 60Y9777
Traditional Chinese 60Y9702 60Y9630 60Y9849 60Y9776
Turkish 60Y9697 60Y9625 60Y9843 60Y9771
U.K. English 60Y9698 60Y9626 60Y9844 60Y9772
U.S. English 60Y9669 60Y9597 60Y9815 60Y9743
U.S. English (International, with a Euro symbol) 60Y9699 60Y9627 60Y9845 60Y9773

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