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      Keyboard bezel removal and installation - ThinkPad X200 Tablet, X201 Tablet

      For access, remove these FRUs in order:

      Keyboard bezel removal

      Please perform the following steps as shown in the pictures below.

      Keyboard bezel removal step 1 and 2
      Keyboard bezel removal step 1 and 2 screw description

      Keyboard bezel removal step 3
      Keyboard bezel removal step 3 screw description

      Rotate the LCD unit as shown in this figure.

      Keyboard bezel removal step 4

      In step [5], detach the claws. Then remove the keyboard bezel in the direction shown by arrow [6].

      Attention: When you service the keyboard bezel, avoid any kind of rough handling.

      Keyboard bezel removal step 5 and 6


      Keyboard bezel installation

      When installing: Make sure that all the claws are attached firmly.

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