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      Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard - Service parts

      • Description: A description of the product.
      • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Field replacement unit (FRU) part number : The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      North America
      DescriptionMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
      US English 73P4730 03X8001 replaces 89P9000
      French Canadian (445) 73P4740 03X8013 replaces 89P9012
      French Canadian (58) 73P4741 03X8014 replaces 89P9013

      Latin America
      DescriptionMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
      Latin American Spanish 73P4750 03X8024 replaces 89P9022
      Brazilian Portuguese 73P4768 03X8006 replaces 89P9005

      Europe, Middle East, Africa
      DescriptionMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
      Arabic 73P4731 03X8002 replaces 89P9001
      Arabic/French 73P4747 03X8003 replaces 89P9002
      Belgium/French 73P4732 03X8004 replaces 89P9003
      Belgium/UK English 73P4733 03X8005 replaces 89P9004
      Bulgarian 73P4734 03X8007 replaces 89P9006
      Czech 73P4736 03X8009 replaces 89P9008
      Danish 73P4737 03X8010 replaces 89P9009
      Dutch 73P4738 03X8011 replaces 89P9010
      French 73P4739 03X8012 replaces 89P9011
      German 73P4742 03X8015 replaces 89P9014
      Greek/Greece, Cyprus 73P4743 03X8016 replaces 89P9015
      Greek/US 40Y7789 03X8017 replaces 41A4950
      Hebrew 73P4744 03X8018 replaces 89P9016
      Hungarian 73P4745 03X8019 replaces 89P9017
      Iceland 73P4746 03X8020 replaces 89P9018
      Italian 73P4769 03X8021 replaces 89P9019
      Norwegian 73P4751 03X8025 replaces 89P9023
      Polish 73P4752 03X8026 replaces 89P9024
      Portuguese 73P4753 03X8027 replaces 89P9025
      Romanian 446 73P4754 03X8039 replaces 89P9026
      Romanian 096 73P4755 03X8038 replaces 89P9027
      Russian/Cyrilic 73P4756 03X8028 replaces 89P9028
      Serbian/Cyrilic 73P4757 03X8040 replaces 89P9029
      Slovak 73P4758 03X8029 replaces 89P9030
      Slovenian +++ 73P4767 03X8037 replaces 89P9039
      Spanish 73P4759 03X8030 replaces 89P9031
      Swedish/Finnish 73P4760 03X8031 replaces 89P9032
      Swiss French/German 73P4761 03X8032 replaces 89P9033
      Turkish 440 73P4763 03X8041 replaces 89P9035
      Turkish 179 73P4764 03X8034 replaces 89P9036
      UK English 73P4765 03X8035 replaces 89P9037
      US Euro (International) 73P4766 03X8036 replaces 89P9038

      Asia Pacific
      DescriptionMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
      Traditional Chinese 467/US English 73P4735 03X8008 replaces 89P9007
      Japanese 73P4748 03X8022 replaces 89P9020
      Korean 73P4749 03X8023 replaces 89P9021
      Thailand 73P4762 03X8033 replaces 89P9034

      Miscellaneous service partsMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
      USB Fingerprint Reader 73P4774 89P8385

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