Updating Lenovo Drivers and Applications using ThinkVantage System Update

System Update saves you time and effort by helping automate the process of finding and installing the latest drivers, BIOS and other applications. Having the latest downloads and drivers help optimize the performance of your Lenovo system. The details below provide instructions on how to start using System Update today

You can download the latest version of ThinkVantage System Update here.

ThinkVantage System Update is only for system that runs on Windows.
Android users can prefer to OTA system update for Smartphone and OTA system update for Tablet.


  • System Update is only for Windows.
  • System Update is used to update/install Lenovo drivers, BIOS and applications.
  • System Update should be used to update your system after a new setup or re-image
  • It is recommended that you do not install BIOS updates along with other updates.
  • System Update may need to be run multiple times to ensure all updates have been downloaded and installed successfully
  • Ensure you are using the correct version of System Update.
    • Windows XP and Vista use Version 3.14 or later
    • Windows 7/8/8.1 requires Version 4.0 or later

Step 1:

Users need to launch System Update which is located in different areas depending on the operating system and System.

Think Products with Windows 7/8/8.1:

     1. Click Start Button > All Programs > Lenovo > System Update
         Note: You need to check "Add the Lenovo System Update program shortcut to the Start menu" during installation to add to Start menu.

     2. Click Start Button > Control Panel > Lenovo - Update and Drivers

     3. Click the Blue Button toolbox on the Windows Toolbar, Click System Health, Run Latest Software and Updates

Think Products with Windows XP

     1. Click Start Button > All Programs > Thinkvantage, and then run System Update

Idea Products

     1. Click Start Button > All Programs > Lenovo Care, and run Update Your System

Step 2:

Click the Next button on the Welcome window to Get new updates or click the Get new updates link on the menu located on the left of the window.

* System Update may need to be updated. Click Yes to update and restart system update

Step 3:

If prompted, click OK to allow information about your computer to be sent to the Lenovo Help Center. Select the Do not ask me again. I agree on sending this information every time. option to prevent this message from appearing again.

User information

Step 4:

The Searching For Updates window displays the progress of the search process

Step 5:

Please select "I agree to this License Notice for all future packages. Do not show me this License Notice again.", the click on Ok.

Step 6:

Below is an example. Four tabs that can be selected. Review each tab and select the needed updates.

  1. Critical Updates - Are updates that should be installed
  2. Recommended Updates - Are updates that should be reviewed and installed
  3. Optional Updates - Are updates that should be reviewed and installed
  4. Extras - This normally contains options for your system. It can contain both accessories and software
Pick the update(s) that you want to install, then click Next.

Step 7:

Defer Installation (download only).

  • Defer installation will only download the update and not install the updates.
  • Click on the updates tab and click on arrow button to expand or expand all button to view the driver details.
  • Check on Defer installation (download only) checkbox.

  • Click Next > Download
  • Once download completed. Click on Install deferred updates link on the menu located on the left of the window.

  • Check on the drivers that you want to install and click Next > Install.

Troubleshooting System Update:

  1. Verify that you're running the correct version of System Update. Select Help in the upper right hand corner, then select about.
    1. Windows XP or Vista you must run version 3.14 or later.
    2. Windows 7/8/8.1 you must run version 4.0 or later.
  2. Verify that you can access the Internet
  3. Verify in the BIOS that the system information is the correct model and type. Your model and Type will be found on the bottom of your system. You can access the BIOS on most systems by pressing F1 at post. Some system use other keys, the key required will be shown when the system powers up
  4. Reinstall System Update by downloading the correct version from ThinkVantage System Update


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