ThinkPad 135W AC Adapter - Service parts

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ThinkPad 135W AC Adapter

CountryFRU part numberPower Cord FRU part numberMarketing Part number
Canada, Latin America, United States 45N0055 or 45N0059 42T5008 or 42T5093 55Y9317
Japan 42T5014 or 42T5099 55Y9320
Argentina 42T5020 or 42T5105 55Y9318
Brazil 42T5180 or 42T5183 55Y9319

EU1, Indonesia, Saudia Arabia

45N0053 or 45N0057 42T5029 or 42T5114 55Y9321
Denmark 42T5041 or 42T5126 55Y9322
South Africa, Sri Lanka / Bangladesh 42T5056 or 42T5141 55Y9323
Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Singapore, United Kingdom 42T5035 or 42T5120 55Y9325
Switzerland 42T5044 or 42T5129 55Y9326
Chile, Italy 42T5047 or 42T5132 55Y9327
Israel 42T5062 or 42T5147 55Y9328
India 42T5083 or 42T5168 55Y9324
Australia, Fiji, New Guinea, New Zealand 42T5050 or 42T5135 55Y9329
Korea 42T5077 or 42T5162 55Y9330
China 42T5065 or 42T5150 55Y9331
Guam, Phillipines, Taiwan, Thailand 42T5071 or 42T5156 55Y9332

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