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Recovery CD part numbers

How can I get a Product Recovery CD?

Note: A set of recovery CDs can be created in the Rescue and Recovery predesktop area. A CDRW drive or CDRW/DVDRW drive and writable media are required.

Windows XP Tablet Recovery CD part numbers
LanguagePart number
Chinese, Simplified42J8402 replaces 39K9762, 39K8970
Chinese, Traditional (Taiwan)42J8403 replaces 39K8971
Czech42J8393 replaces 39K8963
Danish42J8391 replaces 39K8961
Dutch (Netherlands)42J8392 replaces 39K8962
English (UK)42J8385 replaces 39K9758, 39K8955
English (US)42J8381 replaces 39K9754, 39K8951
Finnish42J8394 replaces 39K8964
French42J8382 replaces 39K9755, 39K8952
German42J8383 replaces 39K9756, 39K8953
Hungarian42J8400 replaces 39K8969
Italian42J8387 replaces 39K9760, 39K8957
Japanese42J8388 replaces 39K9761, 39K8958
Korean42J8405 replaces39K8972
Norwegian42J8389 replaces 39K8959
Polish42J8396 replaces 39K8965
Portuguese (Brazilian)42J8386 replaces 39K9759, 39K8956
Russian42J8398 replaces 39K9763, 39K8966
Spanish42J8384 replaces 39K9757, 39K8954
Swedish42J8390 replaces 39K8960
Turkish42J8399 replaces 39K8967

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