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      Keyboard service parts - ThinkPad T43, T43p

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      Note: Field Replacement Unit (FRU)s that are identified in the CRU column by 1 or 2 are Customer Replaceable Units.
      • Each FRU is available for all types or model, unless specific types or models are specified.
      • A CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) is identified 1 or 2 in the CRU ID column. 1 means that the part is a Tier 1 CRU; 2 means that the part is a Tier 2 CRU. An N in the CRU ID column means that the part is not a CRU.
        • Tier 1 CRU
          • No tools required.
          • A coin or a thumb screw is acceptable.
          • Minimal technical expertise is required.
          • Minimal problem determination is required - less than 5 minutes.
        • Tier 2 CRU
          • Up to 4 screws or fasteners have to be removed.
          • Some technical experience required.
          • Support Center assistance may be used.
          • Problem determination can be done by customer, either on site or with Support Center assistance.
      Service part number
      Service part number
      Service part number
      CRU ID
      Manufacturer(NMB)(ALPS) (Chicony)
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0540 13N9978 39T0602 2
      08K5065 NA 13N9852
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0664 39T0725 39T0786
      93P4801 93P4861 13N9914
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0535 13N9973 39T0597 2
      08K5060 NA 13N9847
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0659 39T0720 39T0781
      93P4796 93P4856 13N9909
      Canadian French
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0522 13N9960 39T0584 2
      08K5047 NA 13N9834
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0646 39T0707 39T0768
      93P4783 93P4843 13N9896
      Canadian French (058)
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0549 13N9987 39T0611 2
      93P4744 NA 13N9861
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0673 39T0733 39T0795
      93P4809 93P4869 13N9923
      Chinese, traditional
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0537 13N9975 39T0599 2
      08K5062 NA 13N9849
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0661 39T0722 39T0783
      93P4798 93P4858 13N9911
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0541 13N9979 39T0603 2
      08K5066 NA 13N9853
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0665 39T0726 39T0787
      93P4802 93P4862 13N9915
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0528 13N9966 39T0590 2
      08K5053 NA 13N9840
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0652 39T0713 39T0774
      93P4789 93P4849 13N9902
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0525 13N9963 39T0587 2
      08K5050 NA 13N9837
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0649 39T0710 39T0771
      93P4786 93P4846 13N9899
      European Spanish
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0530 13N9968 39T0592 2
      08K5055 NA 13N9842
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0654 39T0715 39T0776
      93P4791 93P4851 13N9904
      European French
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0524 13N9962 39T0586 2
      08K5049 NA 13N9836
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0648 39T0709 39T0770
      93P4785 93P4845 13N9898
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0523 13N9961 39T0585 2
      08K5048 NA 13N9835
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0647 39T0708 39T0769
      93P4784 93P4844 13N9897
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0543 13N9981 39T0605 2
      08K5068 NA 13N9855
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0667 39T0728 39T0789
      93P4804 93P4864 13N9917
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0542 13N9980 39T0604 2
      08K5067 NA 13N9854
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0666 39T0727 39T0788
      93P4803 93P4863 13N9916
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0539 13N9977 39T0601 2
      93P4711 NA 13N9851
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0663 39T0724 39T0785
      93P4800 93P4860 13N9913
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0529 13N9967 39T0591 2
      08K5054 NA 13N9841
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0653 39T0714 39T0775
      93P4790 93P4850 13N9903
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0520 13N9958 39T0582 2
      08K5045 NA 13N9832
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0644 39T0705 39T0766
      93P4781 93P4841 13N9894
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0534 13N9972 39T0596 2
      08K5059 NA 13N9846
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0658 39T0719 39T0780
      93P4795 93P4855 13N9908
      Latin American Spanish
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0533 13N9971 39T0595 2
      08K5058 NA 13N9845
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0657 39T0718 39T0779
      93P4794 93P4854 13N9907
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0527 13N9965 39T0589 2
      08K5052 NA 13N9839
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0651 39T0712 39T0773
      93P4788 93P4848 13N9901
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0545 13N9983 39T0607 2
      08K5070 NA 13N9857
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0669 39T0730 39T0791
      93P4806 93P4866 13N9919
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0532 13N9970 39T0594 2
      08K5057 NA 13N9844
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0656 39T0717 39T0778
      93P4793 93P4853 13N9906
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0538 13N9976 39T0600 2
      08K5063 NA 13N9850
      15.0inch LCD models 39T0662 39T0723 39T0784
      93P4799 93P4859 13N9912
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0544 13N9982 39T0606 2
      08K5069 NA 13N9856
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0668 39T0729 39T0790
      93P4805 93P4865 13N9918
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0546 13N9984 39T0608 2
      08K5071 NA 13N9858
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0670 39T0731 39T0792
      93P4807 93P4867 13N9920
      Swedish or Finnish
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0526 13N9964 39T0588 2
      08K5051 NA 13N9838
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0650 39T0711 39T0772
      93P4787 93P4847 13N9900
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0531 13N9969 39T0593 2
      08K5056 NA 13N9843
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0655 39T0716 39T0777
      93P4792 93P4852 13N9905
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0547 13N9985 39T0609 2
      08K5072 NA 13N9859
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0671 39T0732 39T0793
      93P4808 93P4868 13N9921
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0536 13N9974 39T0598 2
      08K5061 NA 13N9848
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0660 39T0721 39T0782
      93P4797 93P4857 13N9910
      U.K. English
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0521 13N9959 39T0583 2
      08K5046 NA 13N9833
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0645 39T0706 39T0767
      93P4782 93P4842 13N9895
      U.S. English
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0519 13N9957 39T0581 2
      08K5044 NA 13N9831
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0643 39T0704 39T0765
      93P4780 93P4840 13N9893
      U.S. English (International)
      14.1 inch LCD models 39T0548 NA NA 2
      93P4719 NA NA
      15.0 inch LCD models 39T0672 NA NA
      91P9248 NA NA
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