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      What are the LED status inidcators (lights) on the LCD? - ThinkPad T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43, T43p

      The following table shows what the LED status indicators are for and what the different colors or blinking of the lights mean.

      LED Status indicators front view

      Status indicators top view

      Index numberLED indicatorLED indicator colorLED indicator meaning
      1Ultrabay Slim statusGreenAn Ultrabay Slim device is installed and in use.
      Blinking greenAn Ultrabay Slim device is in the process of being detached.
      Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000, the Ultrabay Slim status indicator does not blink while an Ultrabay Slim device is being detached. Instead, a message box pops up when the process is completed; then the indicator turns off.
      Stop blinking and turn offAn Ultrabay Slim device is ready to be attached or detached.
      2Standby status
      Standby status indicator
      GreenThe computer is in standby mode.
      Blinking greenThe computer is entering standby mode or hibernation mode, or is resuming normal operation.
      3Battery status
      Battery status indicator
      GreenThe battery is in use and has enough power. The ac adapter has charged the battery completely.
      Blinking greenThe battery is being charged, but still has enough power to operate. (At regular intervals, the indicator light turns off briefly.)
      OrangeThe battery is being charged, but the battery power is still low.
      Blinking orangeThe battery needs to be charged. When the indicator starts blinking orange, the computer beeps three times.
      4Power on
      Power on indicator
      GreenThe computer is on and ready to use. This indicator stays lit whenever the computer is on and is not in standby mode.
      5Drive in use
      Hard disk drive status indicator
      GreenData is being read from or written to the hard-disk drive, the diskette drive, or the drive in the Ultrabay Slim device. When this indicator is on, do not put the computer into standby mode or turn off the computer.
      : Do not move the system while the green drive-in-use light is on. Sudden physical shock could cause drive errors.
      6Caps lock
      Caps lock indicator
      GreenCaps Lock mode is enabled. To enable or disable Caps Lock mode, press the Caps Lock key.
      7Num lock
      Num lock indicator
      GreenThe numeric keypad on the keyboard is enabled. To enable or disable the keypad, press and hold the Shift key, and press the NumLk (ScrLk) key.
      8Bluetooth status
      Bluetooth status indicator
      GreenBluetooth is operational. This indicator is on when the Bluetooth is on and not in suspend mode.
      9Wireless status
      Wireless status indicator
      GreenThe wireless feature (the IEEE 802.11 standard) is on, and the radio link is ready for use.
      Blinking greenData is being transmitted.


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