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      Tips for Desktop Mice Lenovo Wireless TouchPad for Windows 8 (0A33909)


      2.4G dongle of touchpad will be interfered by nearby active USB3.0 device.

      Steps to duplicate issue:

      1. Plug 2.4G dongle of touchpad into a USB3.0 port of system or dock.
      2. Plug in another USB3.0 device into nearby USB3.0 port.
      3. The touchpad could not work normally even this is no data transfer in the nearby USB3.0 device ---> Issue


      Affected configurations

      All system/dock with two nearby USB3.0 port.


      1. Connect 2.4G dongle of touchpad into USB2.0 port.
      2. Keep USB3.0 device away from 2.4G dongle of touchpad.

      Additional Information

      This is industry limitation that USB3.0 port will interfere 2.4G dongle.


      Touchpad could not work smoothly under selected ThinkCentre M serial BIOS

      Steps to duplicate issue:

      1. Plug in 2.4G dongle of touchpad into ThinkCentre M serial system.
      2. Start system and enter BIOS.
      3. The touchpad could be used, but cursor movement will not work smoothly ----> Issue

      Affected configurations

      The following ThinkCentre M Serial, selected systems:

      • ThinkCentre M91p
      • ThinkCentre M81

      Use keyboard to control BIOS

      Additional product information
      Lenovo Wireless TouchPad for Windows 8 - Overview and Service Parts

      Personal Systems Reference (PSREF) - Comprehensive information on the features and technical specifications of Lenovo products.





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