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      Installation tips for Red Hat Linux - ThinkPad T40

      The following installation tips are based off of informal "sniff" testing, and do not guarantee compatibility.

      Red Hat Linux 9.0

      • Video - the video card in the ThinkPad T40 system varies by model, although all ThinkPad T40 systems use ATI video solutions. For the most part it is detected and configured correctly. For the T40p with the FireGL card, it is important to note that 3D hardware acceleration is NOT supported in Red Hat Linux 9, and Red Hat Linux 9 configures the card using the standard Radeon driver.
      • Wireless - there are 3 different wireless cards available for the ThinkPad T40 system, however the only one currently supported under Linux is the Cisco wireless card. You can download a Linux driver for the Cisco wireless LAN card from here:
      • http://www.cisco.com/pcgi-bin/tablebuild.pl/aironet-utils-linux

      • Modem - The modem is not currently supported under Linux, however please check back in the future for updated information.
      • TrackPoint/touch pad combo - if you want the third button to work, you need to disable the touch pad in BIOS.

      Red Hat Linux 8.0
      These tips are in addition to the tips listed under Red Hat Linux 9.0.

      • You will need the most recent update kernel in order to boot after installation. Boot from the rescue CD to install the undated kernel.
      • If you have a ThinkPad T40 system with Gigabit ethernet, you will need the most recent kernel update. The models with 10/100 ethernet work normally.
      • For complete Bluetooth support, download the latest BlueZ driver from:

      Red Hat Linux 7.3
      These tips are in addition to the tips listed under Red Hat Linux 9.0.

      • Sound support requires a kernel update to configure the sound via sndconfig (any update will work).
      • Ethernet requires the most recent updates; support for models with Gigabit ethernet are only available in the most recent kernel update (kernel version 2.4.18-24.7.x for i686)
      • The ThinkPad T40 system video card is detected correctly, however the ThinkPad T40p system with the FireGL card needs to be configured as an SVGA card.
      • For Bluetooth support, download the latest BlueZ driver from:
      • PCMCIA does not work properly in all cases, depending on the PCMCIA card in use. A good community resource to ask further questions is the Linux ThinkPad mailing list, found here:


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