Troubleshooting by symptom - Desktops and Workstations

Basic troubleshooting
Choose a symptom to begin troubleshooting. If you do not see your symptom, then visit Troubleshooting by topics, or try searching support.

Audio is not available
Blue screen, lock up, or hang
CD or DVD cannot burn or play
Clearing your CMOS
D-Link Bluetooth USB adapter is not properly recognized by the operating system
Ethernet will not connect
Mouse does not work
Hard drive failed or is failing
Rescue and Recovery will not backup properly
Intermittent problems with system
Memory is not recognized
Modem will not connect
Noise seems to be excessive coming from the system
Serial port is not being recognized
System will not startup
Token ring is not being recognized
USB 2.0 devices not functioning after installing retail version of Microsoft Windows 2000
USB device is not recognized
Video display has color change or is not available
Virus, worm, or spyware infection

Advance troubleshooting

Unable to find a solution? Visit the following URLs for the advance troubleshooting guide

fw.jpg ThinkPad
fw.jpg ThinkCentre
fw.jpg ThinkStation

Did you know?
Access IBM icon on desktop
You can access troubleshooting tools and system information (without being connected to the Internet) by double-clicking the Access IBM icon on your desktop.

Need more help?

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