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      Troubleshooting startup or booting issues - Value Line notebooks

      Some of these steps may not apply to your computer. Test for system startup after performing each step.

      Select your symptom from the following list or continue to the Need more help? section:

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      Numeric, text, and beep errors (POST)
      Follow the appropriate corrective actions for POST error codes (numeric, text message, or beep error codes).
      Servicing the system may be required for replacement of some parts such as system board.

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      Operating system errors
      Search for the error message on the Support Web site in the startup or booting tips and using the site search page. If there are no results matching your search, try searching the Knowledge Base at the Microsoft support site.
      1. Enter the text of the error message in the "Enter search terms" field
      2. Ensure that the "Restrict to this location" field is set to Worldwide and the "Restrict to this document type" field is set to All Documents
      3. Click Restrict to this Brand
      4. Select ThinkPad and WorkPad in the "Restrict to this Brand" field
      5. Click Search

      Search PC support

      1. http://support.Microsoft.com
      1. Select Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base
      2. Select your operating system
      3. Enter the text of the error message in the "Search for" field
      4. Click the submit/Go button
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      Restore system to a previous configuration
      If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Professional, you can use System Restore to go back to a previous configuration. For more information about System restore, please consult Microsoft's knowledge base.

      Note: System Restore is not a backup feature and does not save personal data. System Restore saves registry information and incremental changes to monitored files. Your Value Line notebook recovery CD cannot be used when running System Restore.

      If you are not using Windows XP Professional or do not wish to use System Restore, you can use Rescue and Recovery. Rescue and Recovery is a suite of tools to help you diagnose, get help, and recover your system. If you have been using Rescue and Recovery, it can be used to go back to a previous configuration.

      Note: With this application, you will lose any current data that is not part of your last backup.

      Rescue and Recovery - Learn more and download this application

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