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      Troubleshooting monitor issues - Desktops

      To troubleshoot monitor issues, follow these steps and test your monitor after performing each one:
      1. Verify the monitor is compatible with the system it is connected to. Some older monitors do not work correctly with newer systems. For example, newer systems do not support Extended Display Identification Data (EDID).
      2. Verify that the monitor is connected to the correct video output connector.
      3. If the monitor is equipped with multiple video inputs, verify that only the one input required for single operation is connected.
      4. Verify that the AC outlet to the monitor is working.
      5. Perform a monitor self test, if applicable. Refer to the monitor user's manual.
      6. Verify that all signal cable extensions and the Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch box have been removed.
      7. Swap the monitor and the system power cables (if possible) to test that both are functioning properly.
      8. Verify that the monitor set up program procedure was correctly completed. Refer to the monitor user's manual.
      9. Verify the latest BIOS code for the system has been installed.
      10. Check for any available video firmware updates.
      11. Verify monitor operation in the System Configuration Utility (BIOS).
        1. Power on the system, press F1 to enter the System Configuration Utility
        2. If the monitor is showing a menu on the screen, then the monitor is working, proceed to step 11 to check the windows drivers for the monitor
        3. If the monitor is not showing anything on the screen, proceed to step 13
      12. Check monitor operation in Safe Mode of the operating system.
        1. Press F8 when the Windows Logo appears on the monitor.
        2. Choose the option to start Windows in Safe mode. Press Enter.
        3. If monitor is working correctly, proceed to step 12. Proceed to step 13 if the monitor is not working properly.
      13. Verify the settings for the monitor, such as refresh rate and screen resolution, are within the adapter and monitor operating range specifications.
        • Refer to the monitor user's manual for the correct settings. The settings for the monitor can be found in the advanced section of the video display properties.
      14. Verify the monitor works properly when attached to another machine.
      15. Some older flat panel monitors do not work correctly on current machines. Our video chips do not support the EDID on those monitors.
      16. If these steps have not solved your problem refer to "Need more help?"

      Note: Signal cable extensions and Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch boxes are not supported.

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