ThinkPad Fn-F6 keystroke feature comparison in Microsoft Windows 7 versus Windows 8



In Microsoft Windows 8, the ThinkPad Fn-F6 keystroke will launch Lenovo Settings. In Microsoft Windows 7, the ThinkPad Fn-F6 keystroke will launch ThinkVantage Communication Utility.


Affected Configurations

The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ThinkPad

Affected systems:

  • Any Lenovo ThinkPad notebook with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8

System is configured with:

  • Properly installed and configured Lenovo provided operating specific utilities

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8



The Fn-F6 keystroke launches separate Lenovo utilities depending on specific operating system installed.





Additional Information

Lenovo does not have a comparable ThinkVantage Communication Utility for Microsoft Windows 8.




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