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      Webcam is not working - "Failed to open camera!"


      The user got "Failed to open camera!" error when using Youcam or Lenovo EasyCapture.


      Affected configurations

      All Idea Laptops



      1. Do ensure that the webcam driver has been installed. If it is not, do download it here
      2. Do ensure that the Energy Management driver is installed. if it is not, do download it via support link in step 1.
      3. When installing Energy Management, do ensure that the "Utility" is must be selected for Fn hot-key Application.
      4. After installation, press Fn + ESC to ensure that the webcam is not disabled
      5. If there is a line across the camera logo appear on the lower right hand side of the screen, press Fn + ESC again to enable the webcam.
      6. Launch Youcam or Lenovo EasyCapture again and see if the error still pops out.

      If by pressing Fn + ESC and the webcam logo is not appearing on the lower right hand side of the screen, that means that the Fn hot-key application is not installed. Execute Energy Management (step 2) installation again and ensure that "Utility" is selected as it would install the Fn hot-key Application.



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