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      ThinkPad Tablet 2 Microsoft Windows 8 Lenovo Preload recovery procedure via Lenovo USB Recovery Key.


      This Tip contains the methodology to recover ThinkPad Tablet 2 (32GB HDD models only) with Lenovo supplied USB Recovery Key.

      Affected brands

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkPad Tablet 2

      Affected Systems (machine types, model types):

      • Models including, but not limited to, 3683 and 3679

      System is configured with:

      • Microsoft Windows 8 with 32GB HDD system storage

      Operating system

      • Microsoft Windows 8


      This document supersedes the recovery information provided in the “Recovery Overview” in Chapter 8 of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 User Guide for 32GB HDD models only.


      Using a USB recovery key provided by Lenovo (32GB HDD models only):

      1. When turning on the Tablet, press the Power button together with the Volume Up button at the same time to enter the ThinkPad Setup program.
      2. Insert the USB Recovery Key into the USB connector of the Tablet as shown in Figure 1 below.
      3. Select Startup from the Blue Ribbon at top of screen
      4. On the Boot sub menu, select CD/DVD “Generic Mass Storage” and then tap “+/–” until the CD/DVD is shown as the first Startup device as shown in Figure 2 below.
      5. Tap F10 to save the configuration change and exit the ThinkPad Setup.  The Tablet restarts and the recovery program opens.
      6. Depending on the needs, select the language preferred in the drop-down list box and click Next.
      7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

        Figure 1

        Figure 2

      NOTE:  The Thinkpad Tablet 2 models that have only 32GB of storage do not contain a recovery partition, therefore use of the Lenovo supplied reload media is the only way to recover the operating system.  The standard Windows 8 recovery methods, which are applicable to the 64GB models, do not apply to the 32GB models.  The required Recovery Partition is not present on the 32GB models due to hard drive size constraints.  If the recovery is attempted via Recovery Partition, then errors will result and the system will not recover properly.Similarly, the steps outlined in Lenovo document below do not apply as the required partition mentioned in Step 4 does not exist.

      Additional Information

      ThinkPad Tablet 2 models that ship standard, with 64GB of system storage, use the standard Lenovo DVD recovery to reload the Lenovo Microsoft Windows 8 preload.

      For more information, refer to the “Recovery Overview” in Chapter 8 of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 User Guide located at the following URL:


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