Use Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 to learn about processes and system resources

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In genuine Windows 7, Windows 7 Ultimate or Home Premium, you could find a tool with more powerful and professional functions than Task Manager-Windows Resource Monitor.

Windows Resource Monitor is a tool to help user learn about system processes and resources. Aside from monitoring in-time resource usage, Resource Monitor can also help to analyze processes not responding, determine what applications are in use and control processes and services.


Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur to the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7



    It is easy to open Windows 7 Resources Monitor: Click "Start" button, type "Resource Monitor" in "Search programs and files" box and then press "Enter".

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7


    Viewing from Fig.1, we can know that Windows 7 Resources Monitor can perform monitoring on CPU, Memory, Disk and Network.


    Monitor CPU

    On monitoring CPU, user can clearly see the usage of CPU's coreor coresand how many resources each process are taking. Meanwhile, user can also view associated services, handles and modules.

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 


    Monitor Memory

    On monitoring Memory, user can clearly see the usage of Physical Memory: How many Physical Memory are used and how many are free. User can also view the detailed usage of a separate process.

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 


    Monitor Disk

    On monitoring Disk, user can know the software in his PC whether they have looked up his privacy files. By Disk monitoring, user can view a software to figure out what files did this software change. In the Fig.4, we can learn about the activities of “Perfmon.exe”.

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 


    Monitor Network

    By network monitoring, user can figure out which software causes slow network speed. In Windows 7 Resource Monitor, user can view network resources that each process is occupying, including download and upload. Any hack software cannot escape this monitoring.

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 


    Close programs or processes that cannot be closed normally

    When a program crashes and cannot be closed normally, we can suspend or end this crashed process in Windows 7 Resource Monitor. Besides, we can also analyze what causes this problem in Windows 7 Resource Monitor.

    If a program is not responding, you could right-click this process and select "Analyze Wait Chain" to check if this program can only continue after waiting for other programs to be done. This can help reduce wrong judgment rate.

    Resource Monitor in Microsoft Windows 7 


    Select "Analyze Wait Chain"

    If your PC is running slowly or surfing Internet slowly, you can find out the causes by Windows 7 Resource Monitor: A program might be running without your awareness or some software is uploading data.

    Anyway, when you want to monitor each action on your PC or exclude failure of programs not responding, priority could be given to Windows 7 Resource Monitor.


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