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      Lenovo IdeaPad Limited International Warranty Service

      Lenovo IdeaPad Limited International Warranty Service (Referred as "IWS") provides customers with warranty service even if they relocate their IdeaPads to another country. This warranty service is available wherever Lenovo or Lenovo resellers sell and service your particular machine type.

      Notes: IWS applies to hardware only and not to software.

      The length of warranty service is based upon the originating country of purchase, however, the method of service provided [for example, depot, customer carry-in repair (CCR), on-site repair] in the servicing country may be different from those in the originating country.

      Service procedures may vary by country, and some service and/or parts may not be available in all countries. Some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service.

      Below documentations are required prior to performing IWS service,

      • Proof of purchase.
      • Proof of Travel e.g. Passport with valid visa to or passport from country where product is purchased, other travel document (Hong Kong/Macau home return Permit) in lieu of passport.

      IWS eligibility is based on the machine type; however, certain countries may not have the capability of servicing all models of a particular machine type. 

      Please be aware of the following international considerations:

      1. While Lenovo software may be used in other countries, it is not covered under warranty. Lenovo programs are governed by the terms and conditions of the Program License Agreement. Other vendor software may also be subject to restrictions. Please study the terms and conditions before relocating.
      2. Electrical power and electrical plugs vary in different parts of the world. Ensure machines you wish to relocate are compatible in the relocation country.
      3. Equipment is often subject to local laws (particularly modems). Ensure your equipment is acceptable in the new country.
      4. Computer equipment must be carefully packed to avoid transit damage which is not covered under IWS.
      5. Each machine type may have models with unique features and components for a particular country. That machine type may be sold and serviced in the new country, however, if a particular model of that machine type is not sold and serviced in that country, service and parts may not be readily available in that country.
      6. Customers are responsible for obtaining all necessary clearances required for export/import and shall bear any associated costs, tariffs and duties.


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