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      Screen brightness changes automatically - IdeaPad Y560


      The screen brightness is inconstant. It changes automatically even it is running on Energy Star mode on a basic setting. This issue occurs may because ALS feature of Energy Management or Automatic screen brightness in Intel Graphics settings has been enabled.

      Affected Brands

      • IdeaPad Y560

      System is configured with

      • Lenovo Energy Management
      • Or Intel graphics card

      Operating Systems

      • Windows 7
      • Windows Vista


      There is an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) feature in Lenovo Energy Management that can help solve this issue.

      1. Open Lenovo Energy Management (via the battery touch sensitive button).
      2. Click on the gear icon between "i" and "?".
      3. Under Smart Control, uncheck ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)

        brightness and energy management

      Alternative Method

      Disable "automatic screen brightness" in Intel Graphics settings

      1. Open Intel settings by right-clicking the blank space of the desktop
      2. Choose "basic user"
      3. Click "power management" tab
      4. Change "Plugged In" to "On Battery"
      5. The option for "automatic screen brightness" will become present. Uncheck it.


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