ExpressCache & IFFS Partition Recreation

Use this procedure if you are replacing an mSATA drive

  1. Determine which configuration your product supports (Cache only or Cache+IFFS)
  2. Install ExpressCache application in a Windows 7 system.(No mSATA attached)
  3. Copy the vbs files into any directory, e.g. c:\SWTOOLS\


Configuring the Partition:
  1. Plug mSATA into the unit (ExpressCache and vbs file ready).
  2. Run cmd.exe with administrator rights (start->all programs->accessories->command prompt)
  3. cd c:\SWTOOLS\ (go to your vbs directory )
  4. xxxx.vbs (input corresponding vbs file)
  5. Press Enter (warning message will popup if mSATA / ExpressCache is not ready or partition exists in mSATA)
  6. Reboot after successful information appears.



During the running of above vbs file, the following popup message may appear:

  1. "You have not installed Diskeeper ExpressCache, Please install the Software first"
    • Please install ExpressCache application first , then run the vbs file again.
  2. "There is NO mSATA detected, please check mSATA attached"
    • Please plug your mSATA device first, then run the vbs file again.
  3. "You have partitions on your mSATA device. Please back up and delete it"
    • Please run clean_msata.vbs first (same step as above vbs file), then run the previous vbs file again.


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