Potential for video distortion on External monitor when using MSIE 9 and Lenovo USB Port Replicator


When playing video files within Internet Explorer 9 on external monitors attached to any of Lenovo's USB Port Replicator models, the video playback will appear choppy and sluggish. The issue is a result of the default setting of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9. The browser will attempt to use GPU rendering for video instead of the previous browser's setting of CPU rendering of video. The default setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is to use GPU rendering. This option must be disabled to prevent the choppy video playback through the USB Port Replicators.

Affected configurations

Disable GPU rendering through the Internet Options under the "Advanced" tab by placing a check in the box to disable GPU rendering as shown in the attached picture.

Additional information

This is not a defect of the USB Port Replicators, but a change in how Internet Explorer renders video playback.

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