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      How to uninstall MCAFEE anti-virus software


      The MCAFEE anti-virus software expired. Users purchased Kaspeysky 2010, but after uninstalling MCAFEE normally, tried to install Kaspersky. An error noticed MCAFEE was still in the computer and the installation failed. There is no MCAFEE in the programs list of Control Panel.

      Affected Brands

      All Idea laptops and desktops


      1. Download the MCPR removal tool from this link. Save to your desktop
      2. Before running this tool, ensure to close all McAfee Application windows you may have open, and double-click MCPR.exe to start.
      3. After the removal tool finishes, you should be prompted to reboot your machine.
      4. After reboot, your McAfee product should be uninstalled.
      5. If any issue appears, you can contact Lenovo service provider or McAfee support.


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