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      How to uninstall MCAFEE anti-virus software completely?

      Statement description

      The MCAFEE anti-virus software expired, and the customer buys Kaspeysky 2010, and after uninstalling MCAFEE normally, installs the Kaspersky. There is an error during the installation, and the notice shows MCAFEE is still in the computer, so the installation cannot continue. There is no MCAFEE in the programs list of Control Panel.


      Affected configurations

      The above symptom may occur under the following Systems:

      All IdeaLaptops

      All Idea Desktops



      In the MCAFEE website, they offer the clearup tools for all the versions.

      Download the cleanup tools

      For McAfee VirusScan: This is preloaded by lenovo
      For McAfee Personal Firewall Plus:

      For McAfee Privacy Service:

      For McAfee SpamKiller:

      Mcafee 2007 Total Protection

      The above versions run after uninstalling, and this version is combined with the unistallation.

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