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      How to enable and disable WLAN


      To enable or disable WLAN, you can refer to below:
          - Check hardware switch
          - Check software switch
             a) Windows 7 model: Fn+F5/F6/F4
             b) Windows 8/8.1 model: F7 How do I enable and disable wireless networking  in ideapad 100(physical and software)?: Airplane mode off or, press Win + I (or open Charms Bar) Settings -> Networks. Learn more details.

      If you are still not sure which short cut needs to press, please check the user manual of your model from support website.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      All Idea Laptops


      Before moving to the detailed illustrations, please read the following prerequisites:

      1. Some machines may not be configured with WLAN adapter. Thus there will be no where to find physical switch of these two devices.
      2. For machines configured with physical switch of WLAN, the button must be switched on, otherwise wireless network cannot be used.
      3. For some machines, it may require to pre-install energy/power management or onekey optimizer.
      4. For some machines, the wireless indicator  will be on when wireless network is enabled.
      5. Action sequence (only applicable for certain machines): switch on WLAN physical switch, verify whether Energy Management needs to be installed and then press FN+ F4/F5/F6/F7) key to enable/disable.

      Detailed Illustrations:

      1. For certain machines configured with WLAN switch, slide the bar from left to right, and then press corresponding shortcut key combination to enable/disable. Wireless hardware switches for most models is located at the front edge and only a small number of machines are on the right (or left) edge, see Fig.1/2. Models such as IdeaPad S10) are enabled only by shortcut key.



      Shortcut keys
      1. To control wireless network by FN+ (wireless) key, it needs to install Energy Management software (or shortcut key driver).
      2. To most machines, wireless network can be enabled/disabled by “Fn+F4” or “Fn+F5”. (Note: the premise is that hardware switch is switched on and Energy Management is installed)




      3. Call out “Lenovo Wireless Device Settings” interface and set Wireless to “On” or “Off”.


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