How to cancel the display of Veriface 4.0 in the system tray

Statement description

The customer wants to cancel the display of VeriFace in the system tray.





Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following software:

VeriFace 4.0


Under the following operating system:

Microsoft Windows 7



You can uncheck the VeriFace item in startup settings.

1. In Windows 7, the item named as "Lenovo VeriFace" can be found in startup settings. Uncheck it.





2. For Windows XP, the operation is similar. Please note the Veriface item is named as "PManage" in startup settings.


And For Windows Vista, the Veriface item is named as “VeriFaceManager”.


Note: This action will not disable the face recognition when starting the computer.


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