How to recover the system to Factory settings with Recovery Discs


Total recovery is the new fully automated way to completely restore operating system including drivers.


The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

All Idea Laptops

All Idea Desktops


North America

Latin Amercia

West Europe



Warning: The following operations will destroy system partition and all data in your HDD. Please make sure you have taken a backup.


If you do not have Recovery Discs, please contact your local service provider to obtain. Click here to find the contact information.

To start the total recovery process, follow the steps below:


1.Insert the Start Recovery Disc labeled with number 1

2.Start the computer and at the Lenovo logo screen press F12 several times until you enter the boot manager.

3. In boot manager select ODD (optical disc drive) and press enter to continue. The name of the optical drive can vary from model to model.

4.In this step the computer will ask you if you want to start from the Recovery Disc. You can accept with Enter or with any other key. If you don’t react, the computer will try to boot into Windows as usual.

5. After the disc has loaded you will need to accept to the license terms to continue with recovery.

6. The next step informs you that the recovery program is ready to begin. All the data on the hard drive will be erased. You need to confirm this by click "OK" to continue.

7. The recovery process will require from you to insert the disk marked with number 2. After you insert the second disk confirm message by click "OK".

8. The recovery process will also ask you for the Additional Recovery Disc. Check if you have the disc present and answer accordingly.

9. The recovery process will ask for the disc labeled with number 3. Insert the disc and confirm the message.

10. Now you need to wait. It may take over 2 hours on some systems to finish the recovery process. The process is automated and the computer will be restarted several times.


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