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      Webcam is not working or detected


      Webcam is not working or detected, how to fix it?

      Affected Configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • Lenovo, Idea laptops and Lenovo tablets

      Applies to

      • Windows 8.1, Windows 7


      Before performing the troubleshooting steps, you need to confirm that your PC has a built-in camera. This device is often installed on top of the LCD panel. If no built-in camera, you may connect an external camera to your PC.

      Follow the steps below to check whether there is an imaging device named "Lenovo EasyCamera" in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

      For laptops, camera can be disabled by soft switch. If there is no Imaging Device, press FN+ESC to try, if the failure still exists, please click Support phone list to contact your local service center.

      For other models, if there is no Imaging Device in Device Manager, please contact your local service center too.

      If there is an Imaging Device in Windows Device Manager but it takes an exclamation mark, or its icon is correct but cannot work, please download and install newest camera driver.


      1. Please go to http://support.lenovo.com to download what you need according to your operating systems. If it still cannot resolve this issue, please click Support Phone List to contact your local service center.
      2. Have problem with Skype video, please refer to following articles:
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        2. Camera does not work in Skype

      Windows 8.1

      1. Open Charms Bar via the desktop and click on Settings option. Click on PC info.

      Screen under Settings

      2. Click on Device Manager

      Click on Control Panel

      3. Look for “Imaging devices”. Expand the option. There should be an Imaging device named "Lenovo EasyCamera".

      Click on Control Panel

      Windows 7

      1. Click Start  button --> Right-click Computer --> Properties.

      Webcam is not working

      2. Click Device Manager to see whether there is an Imaging device named Lenovo EasyCamera.

      Webcam is not working

      Webcam is not working

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